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Production results

Ore extraction by dry weight in 2012 was higher by 464.3 thousand tonnes than in 2011, and amounted to 30.2 million tonnes. The increase in extraction in 2012 was due to an increase in daily extraction on working days and an intensification of work on official holidays.


The average copper content in extracted ore amounted to 1.59% and was lower than that achieved in 2011 (1.61 %). The decrease in Cu content in extracted ore was due to work in regions with lower copper ore mineralisation.


Despite the increase in ore extraction, the decrease in its quality led to a decrease in copper content in extracted ore. The amount of Cu in extracted ore was lower than that achieved in 2011 by 4 t Cu and amounted to 479 253 tonnes.


The amount of ore processed increased by 463.7 thousand tonnes versus 2011. The increase in the amount of Cu in ore directly impacted the amount of copper in concentrate. The content of copper in concentrate was higher by 399 t than the amount produced in 2011 (an increase of 0.09 %). In 2012, the amount of produced copper in concentrate was 427 064 tonnes. The Cu content in concentrate improved from 22.75% in 2011 to 22.95 % in 2012 (increase by 0.9 %).



Mine production in 2011–2012





Ore extraction (dry weight)


29 718

30 182

of which mineral extracted from ore


22 985

23 119

Copper content in ore




Copper concentrate (dry weight)


1 875

1 861

Copper content in concentrate




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