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Sponsoring activities of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.


In 2012, KGHM provided support, inter alia, to the following projects:

  • special edition of a documentary on Vatican museums ”Art and Faith”;
  • “Battle of Vienna” movie;
  • the National Music Forum;
  • the Vistula Festival of Polish Film in Russia;
  • the Festival of Silver in Legnica;
  • Głogów Days;
  • Lubin Days;
  • ”Dymarki Floriańskie”, an event in Leszczyna Historical Village and Museum;
  • 20th edition of the WOŚP Finals in Legnica;
  • Helena Modrzejewska Theatre in Legnica;
  • the Festival of Polish Culture in Beijing;
  • the Festival of Russian Films ’Sputnik Over Poland’;
  • ‘Stachuriada’ – Edward Stachura festival;
  • Moniuszko Music Festival;
  • A Masked Ball opera; and
  • the Kisiel Award.


KGHM provided support, inter alia, to the following projects:

  • the Robotic Surgery Congress;
  • the Trade Education for Industry Conference;
  • 5th Scientific Conference of Gastroenterologists from Lower Silesia and Wielkopolska Regions;
  • the conference ”Poland and Shale Gas: Local Perspective on the Global Business”;
  • the School of Underground Mining;
  • the conference Customers on the Energy Market;
  • 6th National Forum of Stock Market Companies’ Management;
  • the British-Polish PPP Forum conference;
  • the Poland, EU and China Economic Forum;
  • the Wrocław Global Forum;
  • the European Economic Congress;
  • the Baltic Forum;
  • 10th Cancer Treatment Workshop;
  • the project Chinese-European Partnership for Development;
  • the Critical Minerals Conference;
  • the 14th Scientific and Research Conference “Containers for Liquid and Solid Materials, Industrial Stacks and Hydrotechnical Facilities”;
  • Air Quality Protection – POL-EMIS 2012;
  • 12th Economic Forum in Krynica;
  • the Lower Silesia Political and Economic Forum in Krzyżowa;
  • the Environment and Energy Forum in Polkowice;
  • the Second Polish Geological Congress;
  • the 7th SEG Congress of Stock Market Companies;
  • the 3rd Congress of Polish Oncology;
  • the Conference on the Development of Socially Responsible Business;
  • ”Europe Quo Vadis” conference;
  • the conference ”Energy Sector 2012”;
  • the Lower Silesia Festival of Science;
  • the Swedish and Polish Contribution to EU RAW Materials Initiative seminar;
  • the 16th International Salt Symposium Quo Vadis Sal;
  • the conference on Research and Innovations 2012.



In 2012, KGHM was one of the main sponsors of the following clubs and sports events:

  • Zagłębie Lubin S.A. (football);
  • MKS Cuprum Lubin (volleyball);
  • MKS Zagłębie Lubin (handball);
  • SPR Chrobry Głogów (handball);
  • MSPR Siódemka Legnica (handball);
  • the Bieg Piastów Race 2012 (cross-country skiing);
  • ”Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich” cycling tour;
  • Łukasz Kubot (tennis);
  • Michał Przysiężny (tennis);
  • the 1st Bieg Straceńców Race;
  • 18th Chess Tournament for Youth for the Lower Silesia Voivod’s Cup;
  • Cross-country Skiing Cup – Szklarska Poręba;
  • European Football Tournament;
  • UEFA Euro 2012 –the fan zones in Legnica and Polkowice; and
  • the KGHM Young Football Player Academy.
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