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Annual consolidated financial statements

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Accounting policy for equity

Equity consists of:

1. Share capital,

2. Revaluation reserve from measurement of the cash flow hedging instruments in the portion reflecting an effective hedge,

3. Revaluation reserve from the fair value measurement of available-for-sale financial assets,

4. Exchange differences from the translation of foreign operations statements.

5. Retained earnings, composed of:

  • undistributed profit or unabsorbed losses from previous years,
  • reserve capital created in accordance with the Commercial Partnerships and Companies Code,
  • reserve capital created and used in accordance with the Statutes,
  • actuarial gains/losses from the measurement of specified benefits programs following the period of employment,
  • profit or loss for the period.

Non-controlling interests in the net assets are recognised as a separate item of the consolidated financial statements.

Non-controlling shares represent equity of the subsidiaries which cannot be allocated, directly or indirectly, to the Parent Entity.


* Details presented in note 2.1.2.
The accounting policy and the explanatory notes constitute an integral part of these financial statements.
Amounts in tables in million PLN, unless otherwise stated.

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